Start with e2n

You have successfully completed your onboarding with our sales team and are now starting your day-to-day work with e2n? Here you will find the most important tasks for the beginning.

1 Manage employees

1.1 Clarify responsibilities

Who should manage your employees (in the future)?

  • Human Resources Department, Head of Department, Branch Manager

1.2 Create employees

e2n Tip:

Stick to the three golden A's and your employee will be created correctly:

->General information



After creating the staff member, activate their staff access under > Staff > Settings > Staff access and define their user rights.

1.3 Have the staff questionnaire filled in

Click on "Application" under > Personnel file > Personnel questionnaire and have your employee fill it out directly via the personnel access (browser or app) and send it back to you. After a check, you can accept the data with one click.

With the function "immediate report" (for a a fee), you can also send it immediately if required.

1.4  Manage absences (vacation calendar)

The employee simply applies for vacation days or other absences via his/her personnel access (in e2n perso under > Absences > Application).

A request for absence is signalled to you in the calendar as a notification (little bell). Select this request and you will land in the appropriate month to approve or reject the request.

Finally, the employee receives a push notification that the request has been approved or rejected.


2 Create a duty roster

1.1 Clarify responsibilities

Who writes the duty roster?

  • Central Duty Planner, Operations Manager, Branch Manager, Department Manager

Feel free to watch our roster webinar again.

1.2 Wishes of the employees

The employee may have the opportunity to tell you how he/she would like to work in the duty roster (in e2n perso under > Availability).

1.3 Absences in the duty roster

Display the absences that have been entered or approved under > Calendar in the duty roster.

Use additional absences such as "Day off" or "Overtime reduction" in the duty roster.

1.4 Changes in the released duty roster

Once you have released the finished duty roster for your employees in e2n perso, you only need to make small corrections if necessary:

  • For example, in the event of illness, reschedule in good time.
  • If an employee spontaneously arrives earlier, no adjustment to the duty roster is necessary.

Only the time recording, the absences in the calendar and the account balancing are important for the payroll. Changes to the duty roster have no effect here.


3 Record working hours

3.1 Methods

As soon as the employee has been created, he or she can record working hours using the security token. You store this in the corresponding field under the Personnel file > General.

The following methods are available:

  • with the finger or a token at a terminal
  • by entering the security token on the tablet
  • or via mobile time recording via smartphone in the e2n perso app.

Working hours should be controlled daily or at short regular intervals.

3.2 Comparison with the duty roster

The employee logs in at the beginning of the shift and logs out at the end of the shift. If the recorded times deviate from the duty roster, you can set the software to make automatic corrections.

  • Settings "Start and end according to duty roster": If an employee arrives too early or finishes work later, the recorded times are overwritten with the times provided in the duty roster.

3.3 Request for incomplete working time

If an employee forgets to record a working time, he submits a request for completion of the working time via the personnel access (in e2n perso under > Working times via the corresponding icon).

3.4 Justified deviations from the duty roster

If an employee arrives earlier or finishes later than agreed, or if he or she is entitled to do so ...

  • The head of department sets the working time manually directly via the user access (under > Working times via the blue pencil of the respective working time).
  • or the employee does not log in/out, but instead makes a request to complete the working time


4 Create payoff

e2n Tip:

Follow the five golden As after the end of a month and accounting will be a breeze.

  • Check working hours
  • Check absences
  • Check payroll assistants
  • Close the month
  • Create payroll

4.1 Check working times (conflicts)

In the conflicts (under > more > Conflicts) you can see all incomplete working and break times of the month to be settled. Move the mouse over the symbol in front of the conflict and you will get information about the type of conflict (e.g. incomplete working time).

Depending on the conflict, you can solve it with the blue pencil or at the corresponding place in the software.

Possible conflicts are:

  • Incomplete working time:

           -> e2n suggests a start or end time from the duty roster, if available

  • Overlapping of several working times:

           -> Delete one of them and correct the remaining one if necessary

  • absence and working time on the same day:

           -> adjust the absence individually so that there is no longer a conflict or delete either working               time or absence

  • Missing qualifications of the employee:

           -> assign the necessary qualifications or adjust the work area to the working time                                         (if reasonable)

4.2 Check absences

Check in the calendar that the absences are correct.

  • All absences are entered
  • are they calculated correctly
  • Should absences be deleted

4.3 See through payroll assistants

Perform the actions suggested by the payroll assistants (account clearings, overtime, short-time work) according to necessity or need.

Account balancing:

Do your employees still have open accruals from previous months (e.g. mini-jobbers) that you should pay out?

  • e2n already suggests you the appropriate amount for hourly wage earners who have an annual account balance and are below the maximum payout amount


If overtime is to be paid out for hourly wage earners, this can be done in the assistant.

  • In this assistant, e2n filters out only those employees who have overtime balances.

Short-time work:

If short-time work is entered in the calendar, the downtime can be "recalculated" and checked in the assistant.

4.4 Closing the Month

To ensure that nothing can be changed after the payoff has been created, the user with administrative rights must close the month to be paid off with the yellow lock.

  • The month can be subsequently reopened by an administrator. However, this should result in a recalculation in payroll accounting.

4.5 Create payroll

Depending on your needs, export the payroll to Excel or to the required payroll software, ideally both.