Lohn AG (zeit-lohn.net)

You can transfer the recorded working times to zeit-lohn.net of Lohn AG.

1 Working hours

Use the export to zeit-lohn.net under >Payoff.

The generated file contains all working times as well as the absences vacation day, day of illness and school day. Since zeit-lohn.net uses a different system for breaks than e2n, all working times with breaks are split.

If an automatic break has been recorded, it is assumed to be in the middle of the working time.

When exporting, all working times from the selected month are transferred. It is important here that the correct personnel number is stored for each employee.


2 Absences

Only the information that there was a vacation day, day of illness or school day is transferred. However, no number of hours. The following absences are possible:


Absence Key
Vacation day  u
Day of illness  k
Sick child i
Sick during leave o
Sickness benefit l
School s
Holiday compensation z
Parental leave e
Maternity leave  m