Hourly allowance

With the function "hourly allowance" you represent temporary additional wage agreements.

1 General

If, for example, an employee who takes over the responsibilities of his branch manager as a substitute receives €2 more per hour for the period of substitution, this can be defined via the hourly allowance.

These 2€ are added to his regular hourly wage and are a regular gross wage.

2 Define hourly allowance

Under > Employees > Settings > Premiums you can select the "Allowance".

The hourly allowance is stored individually for each employee.

3 Others

Hourly allowances have their own wage type, for which a wage type number can be assigned. The hourly allowance is included in the calculation of personnel costs with the


Duration * (hourly wage + hourly allowance) + ancillary wage costs.


Premiums and ancillary wage costs are calculated on the basis of the deposited hourly wage. The hourly allowance is not taken into account here.