Duty roster as calendar subscription

You can set up your own shifts from the roster as a calendar subscription in your iPhone or iCal. All shifts from the current and the following month are always displayed.

1 Requirements

  • iPhone with current iOS version 8.x or higher
  • Username and password for E2N Perso (perso.e2n.de)


2 Installation iOS

  • Open the settings on the iPhone.
  • Then open the Accounts & Passwords menu item.
  • Add an account now.
  • Choose others.
  • Add calendar subscription.
  • Enter gastro.e2n.de/calendar as the server.
  • A message appears stating that the user name and password are required.
  • On the next page, fill in the user name and password with the data from your E2N Perso account.



  • Use SSL must be enabled.
  • The description can still be adapted.
  • Then click on Continue.
  • The account is checked and your shifts are in your calendar.


3 Installation Android

Unfortunately, this is not possible on Android. It is currently not possible to subscribe to password-protected calendars in Google Calendar.