Breaks and personnel deployment

If you record breaks for your employees and these are deducted from the working time (i.e. they are not paid), then this also has an influence on the turnover-based personnel deployment planning.

In our duty roster, a shift is always recorded with its beginning and end. An employee in the kitchen, for example, starts at 8:30 a.m. and works until 4 p.m., i.e. 7 h 30 min. However, he takes a 30 min break during his shift and thus only gets paid for 7 hours.

At this point it becomes complicated to compare the planned working hours with the actual ones. The system cannot know beforehand when exactly breaks will be taken.

In order to keep the figures comparable, we work with the hours present in the diary and in the extrapolation, i.e. without taking breaks into account.

In the system, the imputed hourly wage must then be adjusted downwards because fewer hours are paid than employees are present.