Apply for shifts

In the duty roster, you have the opportunity to apply for shifts that are still open.

If one or more shifts are still open on a day, this will be marked in yellow in the duty roster for the respective day. If you select a day, the still open shift is provided with an open envelope. 

If you now click on the open envelope, it will be closed and highlighted. You have now submitted your application for this shift. 

Under your availabilities, your submitted application for the respective day is also marked with a pink envelope. This also gives you an overview of all applications submitted for this month.




The figure shows the shifts still open for the day
Assigned for the day
Information for this day
This shift is open 
Application for the shift was submitted
If a day's date is highlighted in blue in the calendar, this indicates that the restaurateur has entered the day's information.
The date highlighted in red is the current day. 
Days with a purple background are public holidays.